Senior Associate- Finance

Sahel Consulting Agriculture and Nutrition Ltd (SCANL) is a leading management consulting firm focused on Africa’s agricultural and nutrition sectors. We partner with government agencies, private sector companies, and leading international development organizations to conduct research, analyze policies, develop strategies and implement programs that promote sustainable food security and improved nutrition. We have worked on a variety of projects across West Africa, including in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal.

Job Title: Senior Associate- Finance

Job Type: Full-Time

Reports to: Manager, Finance and Admin

Closing Date: Open until filled.

Duties and Responsibilities:

·Ensures all postings are properly done and completed on Sage.

·Development and review of finance-related policies.

·Preparation of monthly journal entries to aid in finalizing postings for the month.

·Review all advance accounts with project accounts to ensure proper reconciliation.

·Review monthly internal project reports as prepared by project accountants.

·Preparation of monthly project reports as assigned.

·Review and oversight of all opened contracts and funds agreements held by the company.

·Responsible for ensuring that audited financial statements are completed in due time and aligned with statutory expectations.

·Responsible for the preparation of monthly and quarterly business reports.

·Managing monthly liquidity of the firm to ensure funds are available to meet on-spot obligations.

·Responsible for ensuring compliance with various statutory obligations and responsibilities with respect to PAYE, Pensions, NHF, ITF, NSITF, VAT, Withholding tax, Police levy and group life assurance.

·Support during tax reconciliation with state internal revenue services and participates in various tax audit processes as necessary.

·Responsible for reviewing all finance-related contracts or sections of contracts with external parties.

·Support in building financial models both for the company and clients as part of the fulfilment of various consultancy contracts.

·Responsible for the preparation of annual budgets while also coordinating all units of the organization towards consolidating the budgets.

·Ensure the timely invoicing of clients and tracking of invoices to ensure settlement.

·Ensure all bank reconciliations are up to date across all bank accounts and across all banks.

·Ensures all weekly requests are processed as collated from various projects.

·Ensures all activities of the organization align with policies as set out in various approved documents.

·Facilitates budget realignment activities across all projects and grants held by the company.

Minimum Required Skills & Experience:

Professional Qualifications:

•A bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, economics, or a related field is required.

•Minimum of 5 years experience in finance or accounting-related role.

•An associate member of the Institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria.

•Strong financial analysis skill.

•A solid understanding of accounting principles, practice and familiarity with financial reporting standards.

•Proficiency in financial modelling is highly required.

•Knowledge of relevant financial regulations and compliance requirements.

•Strong written and verbal communication skills.

Position based: Abuja with occasional travels across Nigeria

Sahel Consulting is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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